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Selling A Great House In A Challenging Neighbourhood

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

You own a very well kept home that has lots of charm and plenty of amazing features! You've even done lots of updates over the years. But your neighbourhood isn't one of the top selling areas in the city. Remember there is a buyer for every home and consider these tips.

#1 - Your realtor matters

Find an experienced Realtor who has sold in the area before.

#2 - Get noticed

Focus on curb appeal.

"When buyers see the outside taken care of, they have a better attitude that the inside will be just as nice! First impressions make lasting impressions." – Suzette Peoples, Owner and Broker of Peoples Properties

#3 - Price to sell

Set a realistic price.

#4 - Keep it charming

Make sure it is well staged.

#5 - Focus on the positives

Put a positive spin on potential negatives.

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